Fender Acoustasonic 15. Guitar and microphone input, 15w, 6” speaker, chorus effect, brown textured covering.


Fender Acoustasonic 100. Two channels, mic input, 100w, USB, Bluetooth, voicing control, effects, lightweight.

Laney LA10 Acoustic combo. Compact size.10w..

Laney A1+  acoustic amp. 65w , 2 channels, DSP effects, 10” speaker, mic inputs, top hat fitting for stand mounting.

Roland Cube Street. The amp for Buskers and musicians on the go. Battery or mains powered, 2 channels, amp modelling, effects, 5wof power, portable and very reliable. Great amp.

Roland steet ex. Compact stereo acoustic combo. 50w, 4 channel, 2 speakers, effects, pure natural tone. Battery powered or mains. Lightweight design. Awesome kit.

Laney Freestyle.  3  channels, battery or mains powered, 8” speaker, vocal effects, monitor design, audiohub on the move..









Laney Acoustic Amp. 10w, chorus.


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Acoustic amps




Fender Acoustasonic 90. Two channels, mic input, 90w, 8” speaker, effects,, lightweight


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